Outdoorsman Report – January 26, 2016

 In Outdoorsman Report
The big issue up here is where and if you can bring your wheel house’s out of. Adrians road is open to smaller trucks and small wheel house’s. Morris Point is open to 1/2 ton trucks and small wheel house’s they will pull your bigger house out with there light rigs. Long Point is still closed to traffic.
¬†As for the fishing it has been a great year for catching. with the light snow on the ice snowmobiles and wheelers pulling portables have been doing very well by moving around. Early and late in the day 15′ and under by Morris Point gap all the way down pine Island has been very good. On the main lake 24′-27′ has been producing well as well as the deeper 32′-34′ .
The new STRIPPER Jig has been working very well tipped with the head of a shiner. JR’s Hot Tamale and Skoobie snaks have been working great. The key to dead sticking up here is to keep your bait close to the bottom. 2” off bottom should be where you want to be. With the thin ice and light traffic the bays have still been producing some huge pike either with tip-ups or spearing.
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